Rules for entering the Children's Art Competition at the Madrid Art Festival, April 22, 2012

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  • The painting shall depict a historical place or event in New Mexico's history, dating back to New Mexico's first inhabitants.  The children who are participating in the display of the mural should be able to tell festival guest and Judges about the historical site or event. Age of the children participating, artistic skill and creativity will be criteria used for judging.
  • All Elementary and Middle Schools are invited to participate (grades 1-8).
  • All paintings shall be with ordinary exterior house paint on 1/2 inch plywood panels, 4 feet x 8 feet in size, able to withstand outdoor weather conditions.
  • The paintings can be either horizontal or vertical.
  • There is no entry fee for entering your schools painting.
  • The name of the school and home town will be at the lower left-hand corner with the date and title of the event or name of place depicted. This information can be painted on the mural, or a label can be applied.
  • Paintings shall be delivered to Resources Store, located at 2876 Hwy 14, State Highway 14, Madrid, by April 15, 2012. This is needed so that the murals may be mounted at the Historic Oscar Huber Memorial Baseball Park for public viewing and judging on April 22, 2012.
  • First Prize shall be awarded to the participating schools in the following amounts: $2,000; Second Prize will be awarded $1,500, Third Prize will be awarded $1,000, and two Honorable Mentions will be awarded $250 each.
  • The paintings shall be done entirely by students, but maybe supervised and assisted by faculty or local artists.
  • Should the school so desire, its painting can be taken after the event, or in the alternative, made subject to silent public auction on April 22nd, with any proceeds divided 50% to the school and 50% to the Madrid Cultural Projects, a (501)(c)(3) charitable corporation. All proceeds will go towards the renovation of the Oscar Huber Memorial Ballpark.

Any questions about the Madrid Arts Festival Earth Day Event may be directed to:

Tracy Ragan

Vice President

Madrid Cultural Projects


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Entry Form

Madrid Arts Festival Entry Form

Possible Subjects for the Children’s Mural Competition


Historic Events:

  • Coronado's first meeting with the Pueblo dwellers along the Rio Grande
  • The arrival of the first Spanish settlers
  • The controversy between Governors and Fathers of the Inquisition (the chastening of Pope)
  • The delivery by runner of the secret knotted ropes to the Pueblo chiefs
  • Pope's rebellion of 1680; the killing of 21 of the 33 Catholic priests, and retreat to El Paso of the remaining Spaniards.
  • Juan de Onate at Prescription Rock -  "Paso Por Aqui."
  • The  Penitetes at Abiquu, Truchas, or other places.
  • The Burning of the Zozobra at Santa Fe (modern)
  • Wagon Trains on the Santa Fe Trail
  • Any of the early railroads, spurs at Rincon, Deming, Rio Arriba, Cerrillos, etc.
  • Any of New Mexico's early mines, train stations or ghost towns
  • The Lincoln County War
  • Shooting of Billy the Kid by Pat Garrett
  • The preparation of New Mexico's first petition for admission to the Union
  • The arrival of General Kearny at Santa Fe to raise the American Flag
  • An early cattle roundup
  • Kit Carson's pursuit of the Navajos and slaughter at Canyon du Chelly
  • The long sad march of the Navajos to a reservation in the east or their return.
  • The battle at Glorietta Pass
  • A cattle roundup at Engle or Rincon
  • The surrender of Geronimo, or any other great Apache battlers
  • Any of the traditional Pueblo Dances
  • Creation of the Atomic Bomb in Los Alamos.
  • Navajo Code Talkers of Iwo Jima
  • Pancho Villa's attack on Columbus, WWI
  • Election of first US Representatives to Congress


Historic Places:

  • Any of the national monuments
  • Bandelier
  • Window Rock
  • Scenic Vistas
  • Pueblos
  • The Sanctuario at Chimayo
  • Petroglyphs
  • The Ruins at Pecos or other places
  • Aztec
  • Chaco Canyon and structures
  • Old plazas in any New Mexican town such as Las Vegas, Santa Fe, Socorro
  • Mine sites at Madrid, Gallup, etc.
  • Early U.S. Army Forts
  • The Ranch of Eugene Manlove Rhodes now inside White Sands
  • Maps of New Mexico Railroads during the turn of the century
  • An early acequia
  • The Sangre de Christo Mountain Range
  • Navajo images of sheep herding

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2013 Accomplishments

  • Hosted the rally to raise funds to repair flood damaged road, lead by Carol Carpenter collecting over $20K for the repair of Back Road
  • MCP and the MLA jointly paid for two dumpsters for the annual town wide clean-up—over 5 tons were collected
  • Hosted the Second Annual Garlic Festival
  • Secured location and equipment for the Community Internet Center
  • Delivered an amazing community Garden with classes
  • Sponsored Children's softball for ages 3 to 10
  • Sponsored the creation of a Madrid radio station
  • Sponsored the creation of honeybee pollinator sanctuary
  • Sponsored the 11th annual Gypsy Festival
  • The Oasis Project committee has initiated their first community-wide water catchment effort
  • The MCP’s Resources committee launched its new Painted Chairs fundraiser
  • Hosted the 2nd Annual Madrid and Cerrillos Studio Tour
  • Completed Easement access for Handicap parking at the Ballpark for Master Plan approval
  • Decorated the Madrid Ballpark for Christmas
  • Hosted the Children's Halloween Events
  • Hosted the Children's Christmas Toy Drive


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